A packed lunch from home is healthier than what students buy at school

Bread and Cereal Information Board

High school students most often buy unhealthy items when shopping for food outside of school. This is shown by a new study conducted by Norstat on behalf of agricultural information offices. A packed lunch is still the healthiest option.

The purpose of the survey was to investigate the eating habits of young people during school. It turns out that high school students shop approx. 1-2 times a week outside the school, where buns, cookies and cakes are most often bought.

– Products rich in sugar provide quick energy, but the downside is that you quickly return to the energy level you had before eating. Thick slices of bread with protein-rich toppings, fruits and vegetables, and milk as a drink with a packed lunch mean that the body can be filled with several different nutrients at the same time, so that students stay full longer, says nutritionist Torunn Nordbø. Director General of the Bread and Cereal Information Office.

The study shows that there are differences between boys and girls in taking packed lunches.

Boys bring more wholemeal bread, while girls bring fruits and vegetables. Here we think they can learn from each other, while encouraging schools to introduce packed lunches and talk to students about nutrition and nutrition.

A packed lunch from home is usually healthier, and it’s great to let young people get the experience of cooking their own food. One of the main reasons why lunch is not packed or eaten is that young people do not find anything appealing in the fridge and lunch is perceived as dry and sweaty.

– Let the youngsters try their hand in the kitchen and bring their own lunch. Of course, parents can help and schools can talk about healthy choices. By letting young people organize a food parcel, it can help them prepare food that is appealing to eat, which in turn reduces food waste, says Nordbø.

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