Air traffic on the return journey – an increase of 349 percent

The biggest growth is in air traffic to and from abroad. Compared to 2019, there were 13 percent fewer passengers in April this year, new figures from Avinor show.

The number of passengers traveling abroad and back has increased from 65,180 passengers at Avinor airports in 2021 to 1,315,930 in April 2022. If we compare the figure with 2019, there were 27 percent fewer passengers.

The number of commercial aircraft movements has increased from 29,100 to 50,917 in April 2022, corresponding to a 75 percent increase compared to April 2021. Compared to the pre-pandemic level of April 2019, there were 3 percent fewer aircraft.

– We are seeing a clear increase in traffic figures, both in terms of passenger numbers and aircraft movements, and we believe this will have a positive impact on jobs associated with our airports and the tourism industry as a whole. country, says Avinor traffic development director Gaute Skallerud Riise.

Good luck in Trondheim

Trondheim Airport grew by 4,774 percent in April this year compared to the same period last year.

If Oslo Airport can show an increase of 1951 percent and Bergen 1531 percent more people who want to go abroad.

Trondheim’s tourism industry is happy that aviation is back to normal.

– We are happy that many airlines have decided to contribute to Trondheim Airport Værnes. Providing a good route is very important for the development of business in the region and not least for attracting visitors to Trøndelag, says Berit Rian, head of the Trondheim Region Business Association.

Means a lot for tourism

In Norway’s visitor sector, they are already noticing the impact that air traffic has picked up and believe it means a lot for an industry that has struggled a lot with the pandemic.

– We are very happy that Avinor’s traffic indicators are pointing upwards. It is important for Oslo that Oslo Airport has a good route network. Oslo’s visitor sector is currently very active and we are now entering the summer season with renewed optimism and motivation, says Christian Lunde, Managing Director of VisitOSLO.

But you’re still not quite at the level of 2019, before the pandemic hit the airline industry and Avinor hard.

The figures for April 2022 show a 13 percent decrease compared to three years ago.

– If you look at the summer traffic, it is close to the 2019 level in terms of the number of flights, and we expect an occupancy rate of about 85 percent this summer, so we are on the right track, says CEO Abraham Foss. From Avinor to TV 2.

Many workers lost their jobs during the pandemic and passengers have experienced long delays due to the absence of people.

Still struggling financially

– It is a challenge for the entire industry to grow capacity so quickly. At Avinor we feel we are well equipped to do this, but we have partners who have made a significant impact on the staffing situation and the entire industry is working hard to cope with the growth that is currently happening both in Norway and internationally,” Foss.

– Do you have the financial means to make big investments again, such as the new airport in Bodø?

– Regarding the construction of Bodø airport, the government gave positive signals yesterday and we will give it to the board for a decision in June. As for the rest of our portfolio, as we intend to develop a completely new aviation system, we are far from financially sound. It doesn’t help if you sign off on a percentage increase in passenger numbers to make up for it in the short term. It will also be a difficult journey in the coming years, says Avinor CEO Abraham Foss.

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