Avisrunden, Norway | Newspaper round: Mehl’s childhood dream came true

Gave permission for the new hospital in Bodø – then Mehl’s dream came true (Nordland newspaper)
On Tuesday, Minister of Justice and Emergencies Emilie Enger Mehl (Sp) visited Bodø to give permission for the construction of a new police station in the town.

The old police station is said to have become cramped for the Bodø police, who are now moving to the same area as the emergency services operations center.

When the sequence inside was over, Justice Minister Mehl left the building, where Pelle’s police car was waiting for him. He had to transport her to the main rescue center premises.

– Now I feel that my childhood dream is coming true. This is the first time I’ve been allowed to ride with Pelle, he says, laughing. Read more here.

Drives to Sweden to buy “healthier” snuff (NRK)
The Institute of Public Health believes that snuff without tobacco is less harmful to health than snuff with tobacco. Despite this, the Directorate of Health says no to selling it in Norwegian stores, writes NRK.

– I find it very strange because it is a healthier alternative. It should definitely be legal in Norway as well, says Anita Aas, who shopped across the Swedish border.

Because tobacco-free snus is available in Swedish shops. In addition, the Norwegian version is made with the same snus, tobacco – only for the Norwegian market.

– We have to add it to snuff against our will, says Nils Erlimo from the Swedish snuff company Swedish Match.

Linda Granlund, Director of Public Health and Prevention at the Norwegian Directorate of Health, emphasizes that the application was rejected for children and young people.

– It is true that the FHI says it is less harmful, but the question is what to compare it to, says Granlund.

– It is no less harmful than not using anything. These types of products also pose a health risk, and this is our main focus, says Granlund. Read more here.

These tourists have found a loophole: free parking, a bus and a toilet (Bergensavisen)
Motorhome tourists have truly found themselves at home at IKEA in Åsane. Here they have free parking, a bus ride into town and access to restrooms.

The organization of caravan tourists has been hotly debated in Bergen this summer. Instead of muddy parking lots in the suburbs, asphalt works great in front of big shopping malls.

– Yesterday we had dinner there and bought cookies and other goods. We’ll go right in and have breakfast again now before going to Odda. It’s great that Ikea lets us stand here, and we think it’s a smart use of an area that would otherwise be empty, says Christina Nipp.

Bergen Ikea store manager Solrun Kristine Hitland is not surprised when BA calls.

– About two years ago, we gave motorhome tourists permission to park there from nine in the evening until eight in the morning. It’s perfectly fine if we have lots of seats, he tells BA. Read more here.

Grounds all Osprey machines (Folkbladet)
The US Air Force has grounded all 52 CV-22 Osprey aircraft for security reasons. This is reported by Folkebladet.

The decision to put them on the ground came after an Osprey plane had to make an emergency landing in Senja last Friday. Folkebladet writes that the machine in question is still standing where it fell.

It was this kind of Osprey that crashed in Beiarn, Nordland, in March, an accident that claimed the lives of four American soldiers. According to US defense website Breaking Defense, the Senja emergency landing was in addition to several other security incidents that ultimately led to the decision to ground the entire Osprey fleet until further notice. Read more here.

This means of transportation is an environmental disaster – it knocks out airplanes (Aftenposten)
For Ruth Siri Espedal Lycke, who lives in Hommersåk in Sandnes municipality, the speedboat is the best and easiest way to get around. The journey from Hommersåk to Stavanger takes only 17 minutes.

But the climate footprint of such speedboats is huge – even bigger than airplanes.

According to a report by the Institute for Transportation Economics and the Cicero Center for Climate Research, Aftenposten writes that the emissions per kilometer of speedboats are almost five times higher than those of airplanes.

But electric speedboats have already become quite common in Norway, and Environment Minister Espen Barth Eide is clear that this is the new norm.

– People asked themselves “will it work?”, Espen Barth Eide recalls Norway’s first electric ferry.

– But if you build a new ferry today, it will run on electricity. This is the norm, says Eide. read more here.

Lies after the name error (daily newspaper)
When the Amanda award was to be presented in Haugesund last Saturday, the photographer and journalist of the Haugesund newspaper Pre Ørpetveit Solberg (26) had to take pictures and do interviews.

When he spotted Else Kåss Furuseth, he took a picture without asking the other people in the picture what it was called. So he wrote a headline that revealed exactly that.

“Else Kåss Furuseth posed with celebrities in front of the press wall, the photographer doesn’t know who they are.”

Kåss Furuseth stood with well-known actress Lise Fjeldstad (83), film producer Bente Erichsen (73) and KK editor Ingeborg Heldal (49).

– It’s actually quite appropriate. When you screw up like that, it’s totally fine to hear it, Ørpetetveit Solberg tells Dagbladet about how he feels about it being made fun of now. Read more here.

The headline was corrected after 15 minutes.

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