Came up – waited 12 hours

David Beckham appeared in line to say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth at Westminster Hall in London, writes Sky News.

– We all want to be here together. We want to celebrate the Queen’s life together. This experience is meant to be shared. We eat pretzels, doughnuts, cookies, sandwiches and drink coffee, Beckham tells the BBC.

The Queen’s coffin lies in the 900-year-old hall of the Houses of Parliament, and many people have lined up in recent days to say their last goodbyes to the Queen. This has created queues of people several kilometers long and it takes hours to reach the coffin.

OUT: David Beckham leaves Westminster Hall after saying goodbye to the Queen. Photo: Reuters/NTB
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Beckham entered the queue at 2am and had therefore been standing for 12 hours when he spoke to both Sky and the BBC at 2pm UK time.

He admits that his back and legs hurt a bit after standing in line for so many hours.

When he finally came out of the coffin after about an hour and a half, TV pictures showed a clearly moved Beckham.

Several have reported that the queue around the superstar is slowing down as people forget to move on while taking pictures and selfies with Beckham.

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