Can’t get enough of salads and smoothies?

Both salads and smoothies are popular in the summer months.

It is usually a healthy and light food and a great alternative to getting fruits and vegetables. However, many people find that after a smoothie or salad, they quickly feel hungry again. Therefore, in addition to fruits and vegetables, you should ensure that you have ingredients that provide you with good proteins and healthy fats. It can help you get a fuller smoothie and a more complete salad meal!

Smart protein sources

It is well known that proteins contribute to better and longer lasting satiety. It is also an important nutrient that, among other things, helps build muscle and maintain muscle mass. Both meat, poultry and fish are good sources of protein and are ideal for salads. If you are tired of chicken fillet, you can try a salad with grilled chicken or turkey. When it comes to fish, tuna salad is a classic, but salmon and cod also taste good in salads! How about, for example, grilled cod with Thai salad or salmon with mango salad? If you like meat the most, try the taco salad with taco-spiced pork chop batter with lots of tasty vegetables or the juicy roast beef salad spicy chili sauce. Other good ingredients that boost the protein content of salads are boiled eggs, soy, and quinoa. Different cheeses provide good taste and variety, and in summer salads, try legumes such as chickpeas, beans and lentils!

A more filling smoothie

Milk and yogurt are popular ingredients for smoothies, but other dairy products can also be used in smoothie recipes. For example, try kesam, Skyri or cottage cheese for a slightly thicker consistency, while contributing high-quality proteins. Adding some protein powder can also help you feel fuller for longer. By the way, have you tried the “smoothie bowl”? It’s just a smoothie served in a bowl, not as runny as a traditional smoothie. In addition, you will like to complement this smoothie version with sliced ​​fruits, berries, nuts and seeds. The whole thing should of course be served in a small bowl or bowl and eaten with a spoon. Other toppings you can use include granola, coconut flakes, chia seeds, and grated chocolate. Due to the thicker consistency and the fact that you have other ingredients in addition to the liquid smoothie, many people think that such a “smoothie bowl” is more filling than a regular smoothie.

More fullness

Many people find that they feel full longer and better by adding a little more fat to their diet. Both avocados, nuts, oils and seeds are good sources of fat, which are good for both salads and smoothies! Feel free to use a neutral-tasting oil, such as canola oil, in your smoothie. If you like coconut, coconut milk contributes to a fuller and more powerful smoothie. Avocado gives the smoothie a more viscous consistency, as does banana. If you’re making salads, toasted nuts, seeds, or pine nuts add healthy fatty acids to your salad in addition to a little crunch. You can also make a salad dressing made from low-fat kesam or natural yogurt as the base, to which you add optional spices to add a little richness to the salad food.

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