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Heidi Netland Berge in front of food, bottles and food poster.  He works in Matglekorpset

Heidi Netland Berge is the former head of Gladmat in Stavanger. Now he inspires food professionals to enjoy eating, dieting and using all ingredients.

Photo: Kristin Austrigard

First, some smart tips

  • Clean the fridge every Sunday night.
  • There are several apps available on Monday that come with the best deals from grocery stores, such as Mattilbud or Kupp. Feel free to buy products at low prices. If you let the deals rule the menu, it can quickly turn into cheap food week.
  • Be observant and critical, don’t always be fooled by 3 for 2, it often doesn’t pay off. Offers of 10 kroner can also be “difficult”.
  • Do not throw away the leftovers. Use leftovers as a spread or in omelets, stews, wraps or on top of pizza.
  • If you can’t use up vegetables and fruits, cut them into pieces and freeze them. This also applies to other foods.
  • Look for foods that have a limited shelf life or are expired at the grocery store.
  • And remember, you don’t have to eat meat every day. When you buy meat, always check the price per kilo.
  • Save money by making more room for vegetables in your meals.
  • Examples of cheap and/or expensive foods: oatmeal, rice, potatoes, pasta, eggs, yogurt, noodles, tuna in water, diced tomatoes, legumes, lentils, chickpeas, seasonal vegetables and fruits.
  • Snacks and snacks are expensive Make your own candy.


When it comes to food and cooking, we quickly fall into habits and familiar patterns. If you need some inspiration for healthy food on a budget, just look below.


Oatmeal or overnight porridge can be made as simple or complex as you like. Oatmeal with water is good, but you can also add any berries, nuts, fruit, coconut milk or yogurt you like.

An egg

Eggs are amazing, have endless uses and are super nutritious. Use them in homemade salads, scrambled eggs, omelets, pancakes or baked goods.

All-in-one muffins

Perfect for school meals or travel meals. Here you can go bananas with whatever you have in the fridge. It can be cheese, oats, ham, vegetables, yogurt, eggs, etc.


Cook soup for nails

Soups are great when you want to get a lot out of a little. Use the ingredients you have and it is wise to prefer seasonal vegetables. Boil and enjoy.

Pie filled with what have you

The pie is also perfect if you want to use up everything you have in the fridge or get rid of leftovers. Here’s some inspiration for you.

Pasta with tomato sauce

You can make countless variations on this classic. Cheap and no less simple.

Mashed potatoes

“He’s a potato, he can be anything.” This term is used for a reason. Use potatoes for dinner, bread, baking, waffles, potato cakes, soups, chips and salad. Potatoes are also a source of vitamin C, potassium and fiber.

Potato waffles

Old boiled potatoes will be just as good as new, and maybe even better than potato waffles.


What can’t be used in wrappers? Here you just have to let go of leftovers and what you have. Always better with a good, spicy sauce.

Beans are cheap

Red, white, black, brown, big and small. Soak them overnight, mix with nuts, herbs and sauce.


Make your own snacks. Good crunchy chickpeas. spiced almonds or salty mixed nuts.

Other cheap and healthy foods

Salads with seasonal ingredients, leftover pizza, canned cheese, pita pizza, puddle in the pan, scones, tomato soup, food packages left, leftover pasta salad, salmon mold.

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