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We eat more and more chicken fillet. In fact, according to, we eat twice as much chicken as we did ten years ago.

Due to the increased consumption, I often get a question: What to do with chicken fillet?

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A good question with an incredible number of answers. The point is that you don’t have a point with the chicken fillet, just a starting point.

There is no doubt that you will turn a slightly sad, pale chicken fillet in a yellow package into an enchanting meal. But how?

The answer lies in the accessories. And here, fortunately, the possibilities are endless.

Chicken fillet 1

I have selected three good recipes here. The first one is mine. The chicken fillet is fried or grilled in the usual way. Just before it’s done, I brush a little honey on top and fry it until it caramelizes.

And then to the orange accessory. Chicken fillet doesn’t sound exciting at first. The same must be said about boiled carrots. In this way, there are culinary relatives. But do it this way: Mash the warm carrots with butter and season with cumin! The exotic spice goes surprisingly well with the faithful carrot. A sort of happy Asian-European marriage.

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Chicken fillet 2

The second recipe is a classic chicken fillet cooked in a crust with delicious herbs. Do yourself a favor; don’t be stingy with herbs. To be safe, feel free to use more than the recipe says.

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Chicken fillet 3

The last chicken fillet is inspired by Italy. There, Parma ham is used for so many things – including chicken fillet. Here, the chicken fillet becomes absolutely delicious with a little help of sage and Parmesan cheese.

Good digestion!

Erik Hannemann

Chicken fillet needs a little help from other flavors. You can find both honey and cumin in it.

See the full recipe

300 g of carrots

100 g Butter

1 teaspoon cumin

2 chicken breasts

2 sprigs of thyme

1 tablespoon of honey

0.5 pieces of lemon

Oil/butter for frying

Salt and pepper

Ragg Strand

4 chicken fillets

2 dl of broth

2 dl of whipped cream


White pepper

2 tbsp tarragon


Here is a delicious recipe with chicken breast. It works really well if you do it to a lot of people.

See the full recipe

4 chicken fillets



Sage, fresh

4 slices of Parma ham

100 g of parmesan

100 g of Swiss cheese

500 g tagliatelle

2 dl cream

4 pieces of sun-dried tomatoes


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