Cookies, Delphika cake | In Finn, these cookies are expensive

Advent is approaching. For many, it’s the time of Christmas baking and the “seven kinds”, and even if it’s not among the seven, there are a large number of Norwegians who associate the mighty Delphika with the Christmas season.

If you want to get a good shape and taste from the biscuit layers in the cake, then there is no doubt that according to food blogs Matprat and Det sötte liv, Per biskviit are the best.

There’s just one problem: the iconic Christmas cookie celebrated its last Christmas, says manufacturer Sætre, and it’s highly doubtful you’ll find it on store shelves now:

– Everything is sold out of our warehouses, but some individual stores may still have something left in stock. But unfortunately we don’t have data on that, says Elisabeth Aandstad Ekheim, communications director at Orkla, which owns Sætre.

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– We really appreciate that many people participate and love Per cookies. But sales in the store have been low, and people have mostly only bought Pere cookies at Christmas. And then it is difficult to keep it on store shelves all year round, Ekheim tells Nettavisen.

The case continues during the vote.

(Fortunately there are alternatives – see below about this)

Look for ads

Then there was such a supply and demand. If the offer is as good as it’s been, and Per-kekks is in any case in increased demand during the Christmas period – because it is “required” by several recipes – it will appear on the page:

On Tuesday morning, there are 16 ads where sellers are offering Per cookies for 50 to 1000 Norwegian kroner.

Nettavisen has tried to contact several of them.

A seller in Trøgstad who has posted a biscuit for NOK 1,000 says he has received several messages.

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She says she bought the cookies a few weeks ago, initially to secure herself some cookies to make her own dolphin cake.

Tesla and Playstation

But now he is trying to sell cookies, or as he writes in the ad, exchange for an electric car (e.g. Tesla).

When Nettavisen asked if there are other electric cars that could be involved, the seller has no doubts:

– Scalextric.

Another Finnish advertiser is happy to exchange a pack of Per cookies for a Playstation 5 (now also completely sold out):

“I’ve noticed the bloody price people are charging for the PS5 because it’s so hard to get hold of. I think it’s poorly done to take advantage of people like that,” says the man, who adds that he’s received several serious offers for it. NOK 20-200 per cookie.

She has no sales expectations and says she’s thinking of cookies herself to bake a delphia cake for her mother-in-law:

– But it is clear that if someone actually offers me a PS5, my mother-in-law will have to do without, the seller tells Nettavisen.

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The advertiser has set the price of the cookies at NOK 50, which is slightly higher than the previous retail price:

– I get offers so it lasts.

– I don’t do it to make money like many others, but to help people a little during Christmas, the man tells Nettavisen.


In any case, Orkla believes that there is no reason to pay the price of blood on the “black market”:

– There are many good opportunities! Our product developers have tested and baked Delfiakake both with Sætre Marie cookies, which have a fuller flavor and go well with Gjende, which are easy to share and layer. These and other cookies work just as well, even if the shape is slightly different. You can use almost any cookie for Delfiakaken, so there’s room for creativity, Ekheim concludes.

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