Crown Prince Haakon pays tribute to Glimt: – Incredibly impressive

Crown Prince Haakon arrived in Bodø by train in connection with the SIKT conference on Monday and Tuesday.

Of course, he got questions from TV 2 about the miracle that happened in Aspmyra last Thursday when Glimt humiliated Rome.

– Where was the crown prince when Bodø/Glimt crushed Roma 6:1?

– Ah. So where was I? In any case, I was happy to hear it. It is incredibly impressive and fun when Norwegian teams do well in international tournaments. Again, very impressive, says Crown Prince Haakon.

– Did the crown prince see the match?

– No, I didn’t, he says.

The strong result has resonated with many football fans and media across Europe.

– That it is possible! 6:1 over Rome!

Even CNN referred to the biggest loss of Mourinho’s coaching career.

A big talking point

There are also many in Rome who wonder who Bodø/Glimt really is.

According to social media, the pronunciation of the club name has become a topic of discussion recently.

CHARMED: Jose Mourinho focused more on presence than on the game itself, it might seem after a humiliating big defeat. Photo: Roy-Arne Salater/ TV 2

When the away game is played at the historic Stadio Olimpico on Thursday, November 4, there will be quite a few Bodø supporters. It is estimated that around five hundred boudoirs make the trip to Rome.

It will also be a completely different climate than Bodøs with a few plus degrees and Aspmyra freezing cold.

Crown Prince Haakon has also allowed himself to be excited by what Bodø/Glimt has achieved in the domestic series.

– I’m impressed and they’ve been playing really well lately. They seem to have achieved something with the team dynamic, which is incredibly good, he says.

That would have been fun

– I noticed that one of the players has said;

“Here in Bodø/Glimt there is an opportunity to develop in a different way than what I have experienced before,” and then it has resulted in something incredibly good, says Crown Prince Haakon.

– Isn’t it tempting for the crown prince to take a trip to Rome next week when Glimt’s return match is played against Jose Mourinho’s men?

– Ah. I don’t think I can, unfortunately, but it’s a bit tempting. It would have been incredibly fun, says Crown Prince Haakon.

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