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The salty taste of cured ham goes well with vegetables, fruits and berries. There are many varieties of cured ham to choose from. You will find the one you like best. Try your hand at new combinations. Often you don’t need so many different ingredients. It works with some.

We have not forgotten the traditional way of serving cured meat. Check out Lise Finckenhagen’s seven tips for a cured meat dish below.

1. Sweet and salty

The sweet nectarine gets even more pronounced sweetness on the grill. Together with bitter rocket, salty ham and cheese, you get a good mix.

2. With berries and melon

Strawberries, several types of melon and sweet balsamic vinegar provide a nice contrast to the cured ham.

3. Add something crunchy

We are always happy when we are offered food with different characteristics. Something sweet, something salty, something soft, something crunchy. This time, the crispy element is represented by crispy fried back triangles.

4. Inspiration from Spain

This salad is made in Spain. But in Norwegian shops we can find the same raw materials. Here, cured ham is fried until perfectly crispy.

5. Red accessories

It is the feta cheese that gives the salted ham, tomato, watermelon and strawberries a flavor and color contrast.

6. Raw cauliflower

Small cauliflower florets, finely chopped raw red onion and a good sauce are all that are needed to accompany the cured ham.

7. With cold rice

Rice makes this salad perhaps a little more filling. The mayonnaise, garlic and oil sauce wraps the vegetables and rice well.

8. On bread

Super easy cooking. Ready focaccia, split it, spread it with mayonnaise and then add layer upon layer. Actually intended for a party on May 17, but also perfect for summer.

Instead of a salad, a really good meal is a plate of cured meat, scrambled eggs, sour cream and flat bread.

Happy summer!

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