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Everything can be marinated. And marinating is easy.
Vegetables in a glass are good as a side dish for dinner or in a salad – and the glasses are also very decorative. Pickling vegetables in the fridge is a smart way to avoid food waste.

Feel free to mix several types of chili. It’s up to you whether you choose strong, mild, green or red chilies. And if you shake the glass before eating, you get chili sauce instead.

You can marinate almost anything you can think of and it’s the perfect addition to what it should be, e.g. salad, grill or sandwich.

Make yourself a big glass and keep it in the fridge. It takes little time to prepare and keeps for a long time. Pickled red onions go very well with hamburgers, roast beef sandwiches, fried fish and liver pate.

Pickled pumpkins are an unknown delicacy for many, but for others an irreplaceable side dish on the dinner table. It tastes good with e.g. pork, meat, fish or leg of lamb. And remember, you can mix different vegetables as you like. You can get a spicy edge by adding chili.

Never heard of kohlrabi? The taste of turnips resembles turnips and turnips, but is milder than turnips. Kale is high in fiber, rich in vitamin C, and a source of the B vitamins folate and potassium.

There are those who hate pickles, but most of us love them. It is a must-have addition to a burger, beef tartare or a slice of bread garnished with liver pate. Large cucumbers are marinated in slices, this recipe gives a spicy version.

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