Flight problems continue – Glimt match postponed

Bodø/Glimt was scheduled to meet Klaksvik in the Champions League qualifier on Tuesday at 20:00, but the problem is that Glimt didn’t land in the Faroe Islands until around 20:00. 4:30 p.m

The match has now been postponed to Wednesday at 19:00. Bodø/Glimt events manager Ørjan Heldal confirms this to TV 2.

The reigning league champion then announced the postponement.

Glimt was due to travel on a chartered plane on Monday, but dense fog at the Faroe Islands airport put an end to that.

On Tuesday, the team was supposed to fly at 2 p.m., but still with fog and wind problems, Glimt and Widerøe stayed on the ground.


In any case, the postponement of the match will not benefit Glimt, who has a tough game schedule ahead of them with the series match being held again this weekend.

“Weather issues are something you can’t control, so the match will be played at one point or another,” Heldal said before the confirmation came.

Requesting a postponement

At 12, Bodø/Glimt met with UEFA and Klaksvik to discuss when the match should take place. There, Bodø/Glimt wanted to move the meeting to Wednesday. Kjetil Knutsen believed that Klaksvik contributed to the match being played at the original time.

– Everything indicates that Klaksvik is doing everything in his power not to move it. I and we believe that the only thing that is right is that the match takes place tomorrow. But ideally we would prefer to be in the Faroe Islands right now and play a match today.

CONTRAST: Kjetil Knutsen can enjoy the beautiful weather in Bodø while he waits for the weather in the Faroe Islands to calm down. Photo: Roy-Arne Salater

– We have a tight schedule and don’t have many dates unless this game is played today or tomorrow. It has to be like that if we are going to meet HamKam on Saturday, Glimt’s coach tells TV 2.

Kjetil Knutsen will have to take his place in the stands anyway when Bodø/Glimt finally get to play in the Faroe Islands. After the melee against Roma, he has been suspended for one more match.

– I think it’s strange that UEFA is considering it at all (that the match will be played on Tuesday). But now I probably don’t have the best experience with UEFA, so maybe I’m a bit incompetent, says Knutsen.

– We know UEFA’s strict requirements and they are even stricter in the Champions League than in the Conference League. It is a little strange that these requirements may not always be so strict.

Glimt won the first qualifier 3-0 in Aspmyra last week.

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