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Calories in food

A calorie is a unit of energy measurement with the symbol cal. Calories are usually given in kilocalories (kcal), i.e. 1000 calories, on food labels.

In everyday speech, it is common to read kcal as “calories”.

A calorie is the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree (Q).

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Have you stepped on a salad?

Do you feel healthy when you order a salad at a restaurant? Taco salad, Greek salad or maybe a classic Caesar?

They can quickly turn into a calorie bomb.

Not only dressing, but also croutons and grated cheese can make a salad rich in calories.

As many calories as a burger

– A healthy alternative is not always the leanest, and this is especially true for salad, says Jeanette Roede, Concept Manager at Grete Roede.

– A taco salad full of crushed taco shells, feta cheese, croutons, creamy dressing and a few lettuce leaves on top can just be a real calorie bomb, he continues.

– At some hamburger restaurants, a salad with dressing can have as many calories as a cheeseburger and actually more than a hamburger, so in other words, it’s not always the leanest option, says Roede.

A regular hamburger from McDonalds contains 254 kcal. Their cheeseburger is 300 kcal. According to their website, a BigMac contains 495 kcal.

Calorie-rich salads

Caesar salad with crispy chicken from McDonalds contains 393 kcal without dressing. Add 150 kcal with Caesar dressing and it’s up to 543 – almost 50 more than a BigMac.

Calories listed on fast food chain websites are calories without sauce. If you add calories from, for example, Burger King’s honey-mustard sauce, you have to add 197 kcal, and then you have up to 418 kcal for Burger King’s chicken salad. That’s almost as much as a double cheeseburger.

– Bama Taco salad has 436 kcal, Bama chicken salad has 374 kcal and Bama cheese-ham salad has 400 kcal. The numbers include clothing, says nutritionist Camilla Andersen, who has used the nutritional review.

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Think about the calories

– The fact that you don’t lose weight even if you eat healthy is not always controversial. Eating healthy isn’t the same as eating in moderation, says nutritionist Therese F. Mathisen.

For example, a diet based on fatty fish, avocados, nuts, dried fruits, vegetable oils, and plenty of bread and rice could very well be called healthy, but the food you eat can quickly add up to a lot of calories.

– A whole avocado can quickly add a lot of calories when it’s part of a meal. Half an avocado, or maybe even a quarter, can be enough, he says.

Want to know how many calories you need per day? This calorie calculator tells you your calorie needs.

– Do not eat unlimited amounts of everything that is healthy

According to Roede, a versting salad can actually contain as much as 500-600 calories if it has a lot of fatty dressing and a lot of calories.

Which one do you think is the healthiest?

The difference is not as big as you think!

Did you know that you gain weight with too little food?

Dieting can backfire if you eat too little food.

– And if you really drench your salad with dressing, it’s not unusual to get up to 700 calories, he says.

– We have a general opinion that salad is healthy, and so it is. But it also depends on what you put in the salad and, of course, how much you eat. Although it is healthy, it can also be very high in calories and it is not like you can eat everything healthy without limit.

Nuts and seeds are very healthy – which are often on salads, but they are also high in calories.

The best choice of salad

– Lots of vegetables are always good. The salad should consist mainly of vegetables. Choose from all possible options, advises Roede.

– Make your salad full of texture and color and plenty of chew by choosing a wide variety of vegetables. Chopped fresh herbs add flavor. Then you don’t need so much dressing, he says.

He also recommends giving up fatty mayonnaise and sour cream sauces.

– Opt for oil and vinegar based instead. Such a sauce is so thin that only a little bit remains.

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