– It went away. People have been calling from all over the country.

Last December, TV 2 wrote about the thrift store Egna in Bodø, which received 20-30 chairs from that closed hotel.

The chairs were actually supposed to be thrown away, but they were given to a thrift store instead.

– We get a lot in, so it is difficult to find out what things are really worth, said Anneli Eriksen, manager of the Egna center market store, last December.

A few chairs were out in the store and the price tag was very low.

FUNNY: – We had no idea what the chairs were worth, said Egna store manager Anneli Eriksen when TV 2 discussed the case in December.

One day a customer walked into the store and noticed a green chair on display.

– “Do you know that this chair was made by a Swedish designer and that you need to look into it a little more?”, said Eriksen.

The back of the chair had the name Swedese Møbler AB and this chair was made in Sweden on October 1, 2008.

It totally took off

After a few quick searches on the internet, the employees were in for a big surprise.

– On the internet it was said that the chairs cost NOK 18-22,000 each. It was a little shocking, but definitely fun, you can safely say. Besides, we have a lot of them, laughed Eriksen.

Now chairs literally have legs to walk on.

– It completely took off and the response has been great since it was released on TV 2, says Børge Bøyum, CEO of Frem.

CLEANED: All chairs are cleaned before resale.  Photo: Roy-Arne Salater/ TV 2

CLEANED: All chairs are cleaned before resale. Photo: Roy-Arne Salater/ TV 2

– People have been calling from Stavanger, Bergen and Eastern Norway, actually from all parts of Norway, wanting to buy these chairs, says Bøyum.

Some customers got a very good deal before the chairs were repriced.

Five thousand on average

– Because we didn’t know how valuable these chairs were, someone has made a real deal. Some could be bought for a few hundred coins, but after all the media coverage with you, the chairs have been sold at an average price of five thousand kroons each. chair, Bøyum says very pleased.

He is very satisfied with the award received by the recycling center Egna.

– There was a company in Bodøs that bought 12 chairs before Christmas. He says that what was actually sought after were reusable chairs like this.

The chairs had first been in the Radisson Hotel in Bodø before being sold to the Norrøna Hotel in Bodø.

The hotel is closed and the building is now being converted into apartments.

– Do you regret it?

– No, but we would have given them away anyway. We are very happy that the objects of our demolition projects are being reused. This is consistent with our business policy, Corponor CEO Roy B. Nilssen said in December.

Nilssen stands firm.

A LOT OF CHAIRS: The store received 20-30 designer chairs of this type.  Photo: Roy-Arne Salater/ TV 2

A LOT OF CHAIRS: The store received 20-30 designer chairs of this type. Photo: Roy-Arne Salater/ TV 2

– Now the chairs have been recycled for the third time, so that’s good. We should actually throw them away, says Nilssen.

Last year, a whole 1,600 square meter center was opened in Bodø, which sells only recycled and sustainable products.

OL furniture from Lillehammer

Tailors, design companies and home appliance repairers can also be found in the same center. Among other things, an old seat belt and a bag of used coffee beans can quickly become fancy wine bags.

– We are proud and humbled by the center’s response. We receive SMS messages every day from people who have longed for such an offer, and we are happy that such a recycling-focused concept appeals to so many, says Bøyum.

Now the center has also received an offer to sell several containers of old furniture from the 1994 Lillehammer Olympic Games.

– The transport costs are too high and it is not good for the environment, so we have said no, says Børge Bøyum, CEO of Frem in Bodø.

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