Maybe someday I’ll play in yellow

– Bodø/Glimt is one of the best teams in Norway. “They are extremely good on the ball in the team,” says the 20-year-old minutes after Sunday night’s 2-0 defeat at Aspmyra.

– Is there a team you could imagine yourself playing for?

– I have nothing to comment on. I let my agent take care of it, the 20-year-old tells TV 2, before opening up a bit:

– It’s fun that clubs are interested and notice me. I just focus on doing well here in Aalesund. Then we’ll see what happens in the summer or in the next transfer window.

Expert: – Frantic signing

TV 2 already mentioned Bodø/Glimt and Rosenborg’s interest in the coveted winger back in April. Molde has also thrown itself into the fight for a sunny morning.

– Dybvik Määtä has so much to offer: he has an accurate left foot, good running ability and good speed. Aalesund has a very exciting player in the making, says TV 2 football expert Jesper Mathisen.

– Bodø/Glimt know what they are doing. The fact that a left-back can cost around ten million kroons is rare in the context of the elite league. I think it will be a crazy signing if they get him, says TV 2 football pundit Yaw Ihle Amankwah.

CLEAR IN HIS SPEECH: Whoever gets Isak Dybvik Määttä will make a very good deal, says TV 2 football expert Yaw Ihle Amankwah. Photo: Eivind Senneset

European football is tempting

The retrained full-back admits after Sunday’s battle that Bodø/Glimt have some tempting advantages.

– I have a dream to play in the Champions League. But if that includes Bodø/Glimt, I don’t know.

Bodø/Glimt coach Kjetil Knutsen is keeping his cards close to his chest.

– I never comment on Glimt players. He is a good footballer, we saw that today.

– We are currently quite active and looking for guys who can be in Glimt in the future. Let’s see, says Knutsen.

His own coach, Lars Arne Nilsen, has previously boasted to TV 2 about his student’s unrestrainedness.

– There are so few left backs. Isak can also play winger and wing-back and he can play on both sides. There are few such types and that is why he is so attractive. He has huge potential.

Back to Dybvik Määttä:

– Bodø/Glimt has been extremely good in recent years. And of course there are many players who want to visit Bodø to play in Europe.

– Did you wear yellow?

– I don’t know, maybe we’ll find out someday, he smiles slyly.

FOR SALE: Isak Dybvik Määttä can be sold - for a lot of money.  Photo: Mats Torbergsen

FOR SALE: Isak Dybvik Määttä can be sold – for a lot of money. Photo: Mats Torbergsen

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