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In 2016, Mari Joramo and Agnes Naur started the Kiss studio, which they call an expert center in the field of yoga, dance and exercise.

– Here we offer everything possible. We have, among other things, yoga for pregnant women, jazz, hip-hop, modern, yoga, spa and massage, says Joarmo.

– Any age can have dance lessons here, adapted to their level, says Naur Kiss.

This summer, a summer school was organized for children aged 6-13. At the summer school, children can try countless dance forms.

Nearly 50 children participated in the summer school at the Flyt studio organized during the last week of the summer break from Monday to Friday.

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– Several children have taken part in our summer school several times, while many are here for the first time, says Naur Kiss.

– Should be fun

In the summer school and more broadly at Flyt Studio, great attention is paid to inclusion.

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– We often have an introductory conversation about inclusion before the course, says Joramo.

There were approximately 25 children aged 6-9 and 25 children aged 9-13 in the summer school. Both boys and girls participated. About 40 percent of the students were boys, according to leaders.

– We want it to be a quality offer, says Joramo.

The teachers of the studio are the best dancers in Norway, who have good organizational skills so that all children feel mastery.

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Many new friendships were made during the summer school.

Play and have fun

In the summer school, however, the children are not only engaged in dancing, they have also played quite a lot to keep the mood of the summer vacation.

Flyt Studio offers a spa that the children got to taste in the summer school.

Children were offered fruits, cookies and snacks. They were given space to make new friendships and play when they wanted to.

In the 34th week, 22-26 free dance week until August.

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