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You can buy pre-dipped cuttlefish or dip yourself. Follow the instructions on the package.

Boil the potatoes in a pot of salted water.

Tomato and olive salad

Cut the tomatoes into quarters (or halves or finely chopped).

Cut the olives into two or four.

Coarsely chop the parsley.

Finely chop the shallot.

Mix it (tomato, olives, parsley, shallot) in a bowl with good olive oil. Season with salt, lemon and pepper if desired. Feel free to add chili to spice it up a bit.


Heat a good pan with oil, not too little, you can use normal olive oil, not extra virgin. Use good heat (8/10).

Dry the cuttlefish pieces with a paper towel.

Place the pieces with the top, thinnest side down into the hot oil.

Important! Leave the fish alone without touching it. You make a delicate fried crust on the fish and then you are not allowed to touch it.

Is ice cream in the stomach! Cuttlefish can be beaten. You can make a small “test piece” with which you can check.

After at least 10 minutes, you can gently press on the test piece. If it comes off easily, carefully flip the other pieces over. Remove the pan from the heat and leave the pieces with the skin in the pan and leave to rest for 8-10 minutes, less for thin pieces. Thick high pieces are best.

Mashed potatoes

While the cuttlefish rests, the potatoes are fully cooked. (See by). Drain the water.

Put plenty of butter in the pot with the potatoes and mash them roughly. You may like it if you stick to it, but that’s your choice.

Add cream until you like the consistency. Season to taste with salt.

Place the mashed potatoes on the bottom of the plate, place the cuttlefish on top and arrange the tomato-olive salad around it.

Top with a little parsley. Server!


Grated Parmesan mashed potatoes are delicious – YUMMY!!

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