Recipe for Salads, Focaccia, and Potato Salad: Accessories That Elevate Grilled Food

If you invite family or good friends to a barbecue, accessories can be the ones that raise the culinary experience to a few extra levels.

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Just as grilled sausages are more than just sausages and ketchup, grilled fish or fine pork chops are not on the plate without healthy and tasty side dishes that are also easy to prepare. There is a rich selection of accessories, where in the end you need to let loose a little.

– Most things go with most things – with a few exceptionsAnette Fjelleng Hansen, Food Advisor at MatPrat, tells ABC Brand Studio.

– Of course, it depends somewhat on what you are going to earn. However, a fresh and good salad often goes well with both meat and fish. The same goes for grilled vegetables, as well as herb butter and spiced butter. But I would probably keep the barbecue sauce away from the grilled salmonhe continues.

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Spirit II E-310 GBS is a compact and powerful gas grill with three burners and an open cart for storing grill accessories. Photo: Weber


Most of the accessories come out at their best when they are made in advance, precisely because you don’t have to put in too much effort while grilling.

– If you have a lot of accessories on the grill, prepare a sauce, herb butter, or something else that will help lift the accessories onto the grillsays Fjelleng Hansen, one of whose expertise is grilling.

Anette Fjelleng Hansen is a MatPrat food advisor.  She is a trained chef with a BA in Community Nutrition and is passionate about learning about food and cooking.  Photos: Leonard Nyborg / MatPrat

Anette Fjelleng Hansen is a MatPrat food advisor. She is a trained chef with a BA in Community Nutrition and is passionate about learning about food and cooking. Photos: Leonard Nyborg / MatPrat

A side dish that he always makes in large quantities at the beginning of grilling season is a good barbecue sauce.

– It gets better and better as it sits, and barbecue sauce goes well with almost anything. Therefore, you can easily pull it out on days when you don’t have time to make so many other accessories. This also applies to a good spice mix that can be used to season both meat and fish throughout the grilling season, Fjelleng Hansen explains before continuing:

– In addition, it is always good if there are pickled vegetables or pickled red onions or other accessories suitable for the glass standing in the fridge. In other words, a short way to dinner!

For some, barbecue without lettuce is like a waffle without brown cheese or jam. A tasty and colorful salad is often a natural side dish, and there are several options to choose from.

– Many people know the Greek salad and it is actually an incredibly simple and tasty salad that goes especially well with lamb, as well as grilled chicken or beef. Feel free to use some good, ripe tomatoes and the salad will be even bettersuggests Fjelleng Hansen.

Why not try a fresh salad that really packs a punch and kicks the summer grilling experience up a few notches?

– Here we are talking about spicy cabbage salad, which goes perfectly with grilled meatreads Fjelleng Hansen’s tip.

Bread is surprisingly easy to heat on the grill, and no less the result is incredibly good.

– It may not be the healthiest, but the bread on the grill is just fantastic, says Fjelleng Hansen before he continues:

– If you make the dough in advance, just pat out small round sheets and place them on the grill. They can be covered or filled with plenty of digg or simply eaten as a side dish with the rest of the grilled food.

Potato salad with sour cream and mayonnaise is a classic when it comes to side dishes on a barbecue plate. For those who think it’s time for a change, this French leek and potato salad is worth making.

– This is a favorite! The salad is acidic, very tasty and goes especially well with pork and lamb. In addition, it is oil-based, which is perfect for those who are not too fond of sour cream or crème fraîche.

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