Recipes for salads

Ice Mountain Salad.

Facts about the product.

Iceberg lettuce forms very strong heads that almost look like a small head of cabbage. The leaves are thick, juicy and very crispy. The inner part of the head is light and almost colorless, and the outer part is completely green. Iceberg lettuce has become the most used salad in the world primarily because of its delicate and crunchy texture. The taste is mild and neutral. There is also red iceberg lettuce, but it is not common in the Norwegian market. The salad offer has become significantly wider in recent years. It wasn’t many years ago that plain lettuce was the only type of lettuce on the market, but today there are many different types of lettuce on offer. The large home industry has been looking for attractive decorations for various dishes and wants salads in several colors and leaf shapes and preferably with different tastes. This has meant that shops also offer a wider variety of salads; both Norwegian produced and imported. There is reason to expect that this trend will continue and that we will continue to see more salads in the grocery store. Many lettuces that used to be imported only for large households are now grown in Norway and sold in pots. Lettuce is several different types of leafy vegetables. In head lettuce, the leaves are more or less tightly joined together in the head, while in leaf lettuce, the leaves are completely open or hang together in a rosette. Some salads are neutral in taste, others spicy or sweet and some bitter.

Area of ​​use.

Iceberg lettuce is mainly used as a raw food in a salad bowl or as a side dish for tacos, hamburgers, kebabs and other dishes. Salad can also be used to decorate dinner plates and sandwiches. Iceberg lettuce can also be used for woks.

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