Score in European joy: – Could ruin my career

Žalgiris – Bodø/Glimt 1-1 (1-6 overall)

Watch the situation where Glimt’s goalkeeper was injured in the video window above!

Bodø/Glimt got off to a great start before the second leg against Žalgiris and led 5-0 after the first leg.

Thus, one more sensation was needed in Lithuania so that Glimt would not reach the play-offs of the Champions League.

It didn’t happen, even Francis Kyeremeh shook Bodø/Glimt with his 1-0 score before the break.

The Žalgiris player was already in the center of attention even before scoring a goal. He beat Glimt goalkeeper Nikita Haikin on a goal attempt. The goalkeeper had to give up after eight minutes due to an ankle injury.

– It’s a little swollen. I thought it was worse than it is. It is painful to emphasize this right now, but it is also too early to say anything. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow. I’m crossing my fingers that I avoided a serious injury, says Haikin after the match.

– I think it should have been a red card. When I looked at the situation again, it’s ugly. The referee should have checked the VAR as we have it. You can ruin your career after a hit like that, Haikin says of the hit.

INJURY UNCERTAINTY: Haikin was injured after a nasty tackle in the second leg against Žalgiris.  The goalkeeper of Glimt says that it hurts to put weight on the leg Photo: Roy Arne Salater / TV 2

INJURY UNCERTAINTY: Haikin was injured after a nasty tackle in the second leg against Žalgiris. The goalkeeper of Glimt says that it hurts to put weight on the leg Photo: Roy Arne Salater / TV 2

TV 2 football expert Yaw Ihle Amankwah agrees that the Žalgiris player should have been sent off.

– It’s clear red! See how ruthless he is when he throws in. Amankwah says that the buttons are on Haikin’s leg, who is naturally injured in this situation and has to go out.

– Being out for a long time is disastrous for Glimt.

Will face Dinamo Zagreb

Glimt failed to defeat the Lithuanian team at home in Aspmyra, but Joel Mvuka’s goal after the break 1-1 ensured a 6-1 victory on aggregate.

– It’s really big. This is huge for me. I do not know what to say. It’s big, Mvuka tells TV 2 after the goal.

Now Glimt is ready for the Champions League playoffs. Dinamo Zagreb of Croatia and Ludogorets of Bulgaria will face each other in the playoffs next week.

– To come out with the Champions League song in Aspmyra is a big thing, says Mvuka after the match.

The first game will be played on Tuesday, August 16. The replay will be played on August 24.

Misunderstanding and the goals of VAR

The first half was dominated by many attacks and Žalgiris went aggressively and was very physical in their game against the yellows.

Glimt, on the other hand, was nowhere near as dominant as at home.

The first score of the game came from a misunderstanding between Isak Helstad Amundsen and Julian Faye Lund after a Žalgiris set piece. This allowed Kyeremeh to tip the ball into the goal.

In the second half, Glimt came alive and managed to unleash cheers.

Glimt’s new signing Lars-Jørgen Salvesen was released on the visitors’ left flank and carried the ball with him to the dead line. He again passed to captain Ulrik Saltnes, who tapped the ball in front of the goal. Gertmonas cleared the ball into a dangerous area where Glimt’s Mugisha Mvuka headed the ball into the goal.

The goal was initially disallowed for offside, but after a subsequent VAR review, the score was upheld.

GOAL: Joel Mugisha Mvuka scored Glimt's goal for Lithuania.  Photo: Mindaugas Kulbis

GOAL: Joel Mugisha Mvuka scored Glimt’s goal for Lithuania. Photo: Mindaugas Kulbis

Mvuka was awarded a penalty soon after and Pellegrino saved the penalty. However, just before the penalty was awarded, the referee checked the situation on the VAR screen.

There it was decided that Mamic’s tackle was made outside the 16-meter area. This resulted in a free kick and a red card, not a penalty and a yellow card.

No more goals were scored in Lithuania. Who the Norwegians will meet in the Champions League play-offs will be revealed later on Tuesday evening.

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