Semi-soft chocolate cookies for Easter

This makes a double portion, perfect for storing in a cake tin, but the recipe can be halved. Before you start baking, read the tips at the end of the article.

This is what you need:

  • 200-300 g of cooking chocolate (without milk if desired)
  • 2 dl of liquid melange (possibly without milk)*
  • 3 eggs (normal size)
  • 250-300 g of sugar, preferably a mixture of white and brown sugar
  • About. 300 g of a mixture of fine wheat flour, coarsely ground wheat, small oatmeal or finely chopped nuts (gluten-free flour can be used)
  • 2 teaspoons of vanilla sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder

Here’s how you do it.

CHOCOLATE COOKIES: Semi-soft chocolate cookies in a cake box.  Photo: Good morning Norway

CHOCOLATE COOKIES: Semi-soft chocolate cookies in a cake box. Photo: Good morning Norway

Beat the flight melange and sugar until fluffy. Beat the eggs and egg yolk into a fluffy mass and mix in the dry ingredients. Add the chopped chocolate and mix with a spoon. Put the dough in the refrigerator for 10-20 minutes.

To form cookies, I usually use 2 moistened tablespoons dipped in cold water. Place on baking trays covered with baking paper so that there is a little space between them, they will float a little during baking. Bake on the middle rail in a hot oven at 180 degrees for 10-12 minutes, the cooking time depends on the thickness. The cookies should be slightly soft inside and with a crispy crust. Cool before placing in the cake pan. Stores best in a cake pan.

Tips: Light cookies with chocolate chips, use 200 g of chopped cooking chocolate and mix into the dough. Dark chocolate cookies use 300 g of cooking chocolate. Melt 100 g of food chocolate and mix with 200 g of chopped cooking chocolate into the dough. Along with chocolate, you can also add ½-1 dl of chopped walnuts and ½ dl of squeezed orange juice to the dough. Or you can add chopped dried cranberries to the dough. I usually soak the cranberries before adding them.

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