Seven good cheesecakes – NRK Mat – Recipes and inspiration

Cheesecake usually consists of a crispy biscuit base with a velvety curd. Curd can be flavored with fruits or berries. And the decorations have no limits. You can find the recipe for passion fruit cheesecake a little below.

1. With cookies

The base is made of filled chocolate cookies, and crushed cookies also add a chocolate flavor to the curd.

Several recipes from Lise Finckenhagen

2. With biscuit base and sugar bread

The cheesecake has a regular biscuit base. Then, ordinary sugar bread is placed between the layers of cream cheese. And the cream cheese is flavored with fresh strawberries.

Several recipes from Marit Hegle

3. High and airy

If you make the cake in a small form, you get a tall and nice cake. The juice from the passion fruit is mixed into the curd and then garnished with passion fruit sauce.

4. One for each

Cheese cream with lemon, cherry jelly and a traditional base with digestive biscuits. Small cheesecakes are served on a plate with a layer of jelly and thin caramel straws.

Several recipes from Mette Blomsterberg

5. Roast in the oven

Ingrid Espelid Hovig’s American cheesecake is made without gelatin, but in fried dough. It’s powerful, with lots of fat cheese and sour cream.

Several recipes from Ingrid Espelid Hovi

6. Without frying and gelatin

Cream cheese becomes stiff from lemon juice and cold from the refrigerator. It becomes a soft, thick cream with a sour taste. Lise Finckenhagen has mixed raspberries on top.

7. With jelly in three layers

The jelly layer on top gives the cake a shiny and beautiful surface. There are three layers of cream cheese and three layers of jelly added here, really delicious. Marit Hegle has had raspberries in both jelly and curd.

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