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Earlier this week, NRK wrote about a thief who was locked up in Tjøtta Joker’s store.

The burglar had entered the store’s basement.

But the door through which he entered was defective. The thief was locked in the middle of his own burglary.

But the Tjøtta thief in Nordland is not the only thief in history. Here are seven more examples.

Turned out with my own passport

A bachelor party in Øksnes municipality in Vesterålen wanted to put down a meaningful advertising sign and photograph the crime.

They destroyed their saw in the attempt and forgot their camera bag when they left the scene.

rap thief

Facsimile from Lofotposten on 20 July 1995.

Photos: John Inge Johansen / NRK

The police found the passports of the two criminals in the bag and solved the case almost immediately.

“You can say that we have never had such powerful leads to follow in an investigation,” sheriff’s officer Trond Olsen told Lofotposten in 1995.

The police had to be called

The thief was terrified when his friend fell through the roof of the school they were about to break into.

The glass dome gave way under the man’s weight in his mid-20s and he fell into the teacher’s wardrobe.

After the terrified friend was left alone, he entered the school through a window and broke down several fire doors.

She couldn’t find her companion and did what she had learned from childhood: she called the police, Bergensavisen wrote in 2005.

Drove directly into the forks of the tractor

The thief who broke into the store in winter had no idea that the store owner was on his way to investigate with a tractor.

While driving around the corner of the store, the thief met him with an unregistered car and drove straight into the tractor’s branches.

A simple lifting operation was performed and the thief was placed under an iron grip, Altaposten wrote in 2011.

Facsimile from Altaposten

The thief drove into the tractor and got stuck.

The shop owner received both criticism and support. Civil defense and self-arrest are not recommended against criminals who may be intoxicated and armed, police attorney Thomas E. Darell told the newspaper. The Alta sheriff believed the store owner was right to apprehend the thief.

The car thief was locked – in the car

Trondheim police received a call on Christmas Eve 2018 about an attempted theft from a car dealer. The thief himself called.

The young man who tried to steal the car got stuck behind the locked doors after getting into the car.

– Then it’s good if you can call the police to ask for help, the police said in a statement on Twitter. The police lined up and brought the man out, but quickly locked him in police custody, writes NTB.

I forgot an important detail on Facebook

A man from Helgeland had stolen a number of tools that he tried to sell on Facebook in 2020. One small detail revealed that it was stolen property.

“I’m selling these drills because I have no room or use for them. The charger comes with it, but the box must be missing. HBO for sale NOK 1200,” the man wrote and added a picture of the tool.

Jääjärvi facsimile, two electric drills and a charger with the owner's name

Facsimile from iSandnessjøen.

The detail he forgot was that all the bars were marked with the name of the company they were stolen from.

The case was mentioned in several newspapers, but iSandessjøen had it first.

Unintentional bank break-in

The man who broke into Bergen in 2018 was a criminal looking for phones and computers. He probably thought it was a normal office space he was entering and didn’t know it was a bank.

So he also didn’t hear that the silent alarm started to the police who could arrest him outside Sparebank 1 SR-Bank.

The man was wearing a mask and had some office supplies in his bag, wrote VG Nett.

Stole cookies and coffee – did not find the children’s money

In Trondheim, a burglar broke into a kindergarten in 2013. From here he quickly took empty bottles, coffee, cookies, cheese and a teddy bear.

Fortunately for the kindergarten children, he did not find a piggy bank with 3,000 Norwegian kroner, which was not allowed to be deposited in the bank.

He lost both the stolen goods and his mobile phone – and this led to the police being able to solve the case quite quickly.

A successful shoe theft with useless profits

One last theft worth noting as a pure bonus in a string of failures: a thug in Bergen found the means to steal several bags of shoes from a car. He probably saw an opportunity to make fun of others leaving valuables accessible in the car.

The thief fled the scene, but threw the stolen items over the fence. These were shoe samples that a traveling shoe salesman had left in the car.

Since the right and left shoes are relatively similar, the sellers take only one shoe with them – and the thief was left with 25 different left shoes. In other words, little negotiable.

– An extremely unsuccessful burglary, police inspector Claus Mathiesen told Bergens Tidendes in 2005.

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