The profile that could become the Eliteserien’s most expensive purchase landed in Bodø:

The major Danish newspaper BT wrote on Friday that AGF and Bodø/Glimt agreed on the transfer of Albert Grønbæk (21) for more than 20 million Danish kroner, or more than 26 million Norwegian kroner.

In this case, it makes the Dane the most expensive purchase of the Norwegian club ever.

Grønbæk landed in Bodø on a private plane shortly after 12:00 on Friday. Soon after, he met TV 2 at the airport.

– It’s nice to be here. It’s cold, but we can handle it. It’s lovely here. I hope it turns out absolutely fantastic and I’m really looking forward to it. I have only heard good things about the club. It’s absolutely wild, he tells TV 2 at Bodø Airport.

– Fortunately, I have a friend from Denmark who has told me a lot of good things about the city and so on, he continues.

The profile of the Danish midfielder is clear about what he wants to achieve in Glimt.

– The Champions League must be sought. There is only one way and we will do it, he asserts.

– What type of player are you?

– I am a technical, creative player. I play according to my instincts and bet with goals and assists, replies the record buyer, who does not want to speculate on how long he will stay at Glimt.

– I do not know. We’ll see, he smiles after arriving in Bodø.

Confirmed the sale

AGF confirmed earlier on Friday in a stock exchange announcement that the player is leaving. They did not go out with a transfer fee, but wrote that only details and a medical examination remain before the young man can call himself a Glimt player.

Bodø/Glimt said the same to TV 2 on Friday morning.

– The clubs agree, but there is still a lot to do before the transfer is confirmed, apart from that we have no other comments, Bodø/Glimt general manager Frode Thommassen confirmed to TV 2.

Grønbæk is a midfielder and can play both on the pitch and on the wing. He has played three games for the Danish U21 national team.

According to BT, Glimt has been looking for the 21-year-old young man for a long time, and earlier an offer of more than 10 million Danish kroner was rejected.

In 1999, John Carew became Eliteserien’s most expensive purchase. According to reports, Vålerenga received around NOK 23 million for the striker when he went to Rosenborg. The Dane’s sum of 26 million thus breaks Carew’s transfer record.

Impressed expert

TV 2 football pundit Yaw Ihle Amankwah believes that Glimt is now showing exactly the right amount of ambition with the signing.

– Let’s not forget that Glimt is a guaranteed bet in the Europa League anyway, guaranteeing an income of around NOK 100 million there alone. They certainly have to prepare at a very, very high level, regardless of whether they play in the Europa League or the Champions League in the future.

– But it is almost unreal to see that a club like Glimt brings in players for such sums, but at the same time I understand it. They have been in healthy business for a long time and have had many great sales. It looks about right, says Amankwah.

– I have said before that it is a shame when some of the best players in the country go to other Scandinavian clubs. Then it’s gratifying to see this type of transition the other way around.

BT writes that Grønbæk should be ready to play already for Tuesday’s Champions League qualifier against Dinamo Zagreb in Aspmyra.

It can be seen on TV 2 and TV 2 Play on Tuesday evening.

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