The woman is accused of attempted murder against a previously convicted murderer

The drama unfolded in the center of Kristiansund on a Saturday evening in mid-June. The woman then tried to kill her boyfriend by repeatedly stabbing him in the throat, according to the indictment. According to the police, the man should be fine under the circumstances.

Defense counsel: Attorney Finn Ove Smith.  Photo: Sigfinn Andersen/TV 2.

Defense counsel: Attorney Finn Ove Smith. Photo: Sigfinn Andersen/TV 2.

“My client pleads not guilty and believes he acted out of necessity,” defense attorney Finn Ove Smith told TV 2.

Risk of recurrence

According to the detention order, the accused has expressed during the interrogation that he tried to kill the victim and did so knowingly and intentionally. It is also clear from the police statement that the woman would do it again if possible.

– If the accused is released from custody, there is a high probability that he will commit a similar act again, District Court Judge Øyvind Panzer Iversen concluded, and in the first decision ordered the police four weeks in custody. was handed over in June.

At today’s detention meeting, it became clear that the woman does not stand by the first explanation she gave to the police.

– I don’t remember anything about this interrogation because I was drunk, the woman has explained.

Sentenced to death

The victim in this case was previously convicted of murder in the late 90s. According to defense attorney Finn Ove Smith, he has now told the accused woman about the murder verdict.

This afternoon, the police won an application for a further four weeks in custody. The court still believes that it is more likely that the accused had intent to kill and finds that the risk of recidivism is uncertain if the accused and the victim meet.

– The court assumes that there has been a troubled relationship between the accused and the victim over time.

The police do not want to describe in detail what triggered the stabbing.

– We are investigating the circumstances of the incident and a possible motive. I have not commented on the victim’s history, Elisabeth Fiksdal, police prosecutor for the Møre og Romsdal police district, told TV 2.

He would not say how many times the victim was stabbed in the throat.

The victim’s lawyer has not responded to TV 2’s inquiry.

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